Multi-Generation Series

MultiGeneration by Knoll® Light Task is a simple, small-scale task chair with a responsive, open design that allows you to fidget to focus. It encourages natural movement, allowing us to focus, interact and collaborate more effectively.

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Ollo Series

Ollo with knit back is designed to keep you engaged while supporting your spontaneous work style – combining material and technical innovation to make the perfect chair for working wherever you are. Work is more mobile and connected than ever before, increasing the variety of places you choose to sit and focus. Whether it’s at home, a temporary workspace or a touch-down area between meetings, Ollo with knit back ensures comfort and straightforward performance all while keeping you cool under pressure.

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Remix  Series

Inspired by the idea of bringing pre-existing elements together to make something entirely new, Remix pairs upholstered comfort with innovative Flex Net Matrix™ technology for active, all day support. Remix delivers unexpected performance in a familiar form. By combining traditional and innovative elements, Remix infuses movement into a traditionally static upholstered chair. The performance you need – the upholstered comfort you love.

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Life®  Series

Light. Intuitive. Flexible. Environmental.

With intuitive adjustments, a slim silhouette and broad color and finish palette, Life sets the standard for ergonomics and innovative design. The advanced control automatically adjusts to the weight of your body, providing personalized and effortless ergonomic support.

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Generation Series

The first chair that lets you sit how you want.

Generation by Knoll, the first in an award-winning family of chairs, offers a new standard of comfort and unrestrained movement, supporting the range of postures and workstyles typical of today’s workplace. Generation takes the idea of elastic design—where a product rearranges itself in response to its user—to a new level.

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ReGeneration Series - fully Upholstered 

Be true to form.
ReGeneration by Knoll is innovative in its simplicity, minimizing materials and components. Its straightforward design leverages flexible and durable materials that respond to your movements, providing comfort and support throughout the day without interrupting your work flow.

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